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How to Protect Your Skin

May 24, 2018 by Comfort Keepers La Mirada

Be Sure to Protect Aging Skin

Everyone is happy that warmer weather is finally arriving! We all enjoy health benefits when we get outside to enjoy some fresh air. In fact, time outside is vital to those in long term care. There are physical and emotional benefits from daily strolls outside. Nonetheless, take care to avoid extreme summer heat and the harsh UV rays during the midday hours. Protect aging skin by following these helpful tips this year:

Take Care When Cleansing

Increased heat and activity means that everyone is perspiring more. Although it’s important to keep skin clean, our older friends in long term care have more delicate skin. Take care when cleansing the skin of aging adults by only washing with mild cleansers, specifically created for delicate or sensitive skin. When bathing older skin, never scrub. Simply wash gently with a soft cloth, then pat the skin dry, rather than rubbing.


Did you think moisturizing was only for winter care of those in long term care? Don’t make that mistake. Air conditioning can actually dry out the skin as furnace heat can, so moisturize frequently in the summer, as well as winter months.

Don’t Go Out Without the Sunscreen

Never forget that applying sunscreen is a priority when elderly folks are spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, older skin just doesn’t recover quickly from sun damage like it probably did at one time. It’s more difficult to rejuvenate damaged skin and seniors can be more prone to skin cancers, too.

Hydrating When It’s Hot

Remember to keep your senior friends in long term care full hydrated. Offer fresh drinking water to rid body and skin from built-up toxins. Hydrating when it’s hot can result in improved skin tone, as well. All adults, and certainly seniors are better off drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Stay Inside During the Hottest Days

The youngest, as well as the oldest are better off reducing time outdoors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. That’s when the sun is at maximum and could cause significant harm to skin. If someone in long term care has to go out for the afternoon, keep physical activity to a minimum.


These tips for preventing dry skin, skin cancer, and other skin conditions are important to remember for senior skin care. 

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