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In Home Senior Care After a Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

Jul 12, 2018 by Comfort Keepers La Mirada

Seniors may have challenges when they’re recovering from knee or hip replacement surgeries, but their friends and family can be helpful, making recovery safer and more comfortable for them. If you are concerned about an aging adult who will soon have knee or hip replacement, our in home senior care professionals offer the following suggestions to assist with their successful recovery:

Recovery Room at Home

Prior to surgery, and before hospital discharge, set up a recovery room on the first floor of the patient’s home, if possible. Ideally, this room will have a bed of the proper height, with fresh linens, extra bed pillows, a place for the crutches or a walker to be stored safely within reach of the bed, and any personal items or toiletries that might be needed. If there’s no quick or easy access to a bathroom, get a bedside potty to simplify things initially.


Certainly, your older friend or family member will be prescribed medications for at least a short time after surgery. It will be important that they take their medications only as prescribed so consider talking with the doctor yourself in advance, or post-surgery at the hospital, so you fully understand the details of the medications that are prescribed.

Help with Wound Care

Wound care is an important aspect of a knee or hip replacement recovery. You’ll need to help your senior loved one monitor their wound for swelling and excessive inflammation. Wound care may also involve changing dressings and providing your senior with bandages and other medical supplies whenever necessary.

Take Care of the Household Tasks

To allow your recovering senior to focus on their best health, take care of their household chores for a while. Some household chores could include mail collection, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Provide Transportation to Doctor Appointments

Your older loved one will need your reliable transportation to follow up doctor appointments. Missing doctor appointments could hinder recover, so don’t let that happen. 

Encourage Rehab and Exercises

It’s likely that your senior won’t feel motivated to participate in their rehab plan and the exercises that a physical therapist may prescribe. Therefore, it can be your role to encourage follow through of their rehab plan so they enjoy a faster recovery.


It takes a great deal of time and energy to support a senior who is recovering from surgery. For this reason, don’t hesitate to hire a caregiver to help out. A caregiver will be able to provide in home senior care on a full-time, part-time, or even 24-hour basis. If you are interested please contact us today! 


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