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Expert in home care for seniors who require quality home care they can trust.

In Home care is created to assist seniors with various parts of their day to day life to maintain their independence, enjoy a quality lifestyle, and prevent the need for seniors to be hospitalized. Instead, they can remain in their own home where they are most comfortable. Without these services, most aging adults who need daily assistance could eventually need to move into a nursing home or other care facility for the elderly.


In Home Care in La Mirada, CA

There are several advantages to receiving in home care and home health aide of a non-medical nature. Initially, caregivers provide an aging adult with the highest degree of independence possible. Professional care typically allows seniors to have control of their care and are a primary contributor to the care services provided. The National Institute of Health reports that on average, aging adults who are under the care of professionals typically receive great support and interact more with family and friends than seniors who live in full-care facilities.


Seniors primarily reach out for assistance in areas of their life that present more challenges. The type of assistance primarily requested is light housework, running errands, management of medication, laundry, transportation, and meal prep. The types and amount of help needed vary among seniors. Some need only an hour per week, while others may require 40 hours weekly. In some cases, such as for seniors living with dementia, 24-hour assistance may be required.


Here are a few questions your loved one should ask when considering in home care:

  • Do they require assistance going to the grocery store, social activities, or appointments?
  • Do they require assistance with day to day chores but wish to remain in the comfort of their own home?
  • Do they require assistance with baths, getting dressed, personal care, or going to the restroom?
  • Do they require assistance caring for themselves or self-medicating?
  • Would assistance preparing meals be a benefit?
  • Would emotional or social support be a benefit?


Keep in mind that aging adults can be very active and could still benefit from professional in home care. There is a misconception that aging adults should be bedridden, in a wheelchair or socially secluded to receive care. While seniors with these conditions would find great relief from these services, millions of others could benefit equally and could extend their quality of life and the length of time they will remain independent by receiving assistance before reaching that point.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts about our in home care services in La Mirada, CA, contact us or call (714) 975-8446 today. We offer free in-home consultations, where we develop a plan of care for your loved one to cater their specific needs. 


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